Poetry can help people deal with feelings of loneliness: Study – World News Network

A new study finds that reading, creating, and sharing poetry can help people cope with loneliness or isolation, as well as lessen symptoms of anxiety and despair.

Study finds healthcare spending costs increased for child survivors of gunshot injuries – World News Network

Thousands of young people survive firearm injuries each year, in addition to those who die. According to the findings of the new study published in Health Affairs, the impact of these injuries reverberates for months and years, with rippling effects on parents and siblings.

Video technology has potential to revolutionise how scientists track changes in species evolution, development – World News Network

Scientists have made a significant advance in the study of species evolution, providing additional proof that cutting-edge visual technology may be used to track the smallest changes in the growth of various organisms.

Here is how plants defend against mutational damage – World News Network

Plant mitochondria and chloroplasts are essential to human survival. These vital plant cell compartments are well-known for capturing sunlight and powering plant life, ultimately providing all of the food we eat.But there's a catch: Mitochondria and chloroplasts keep instructions for their building blocks in their own "organelle" DNA, or oDNA, which can be altered.

Antibiotics for common childhood infections not effective in large parts of world: Study – World News Network

A study discovered that due to increasing rates of antibiotic resistance, medications used to treat common diseases in infants and babies are no longer effective in large parts of the world.

Study illuminates fundamental mechanisms of intracellular lipid recycling – World News Network

Previous studies identified the proteins Atg15, Pep4, and Prb1 as essential actors in this process. However, the relationship between these proteins and the underlying mechanisms remains unknown. A research team has recently made significant progress towards solving this puzzle.