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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 16: SundayGrids, an innovative clean energy company, has launched a groundbreaking ‘Digital Solar’ service, revolutionizing the way urban India interacts with solar energy. This pioneering platform enables individuals to subscribe to solar power without the need for rooftop panel installations, overcoming one of the most significant barriers to solar adoption in densely populated areas.
With the introduction of this Digital Solar service, SundayGrids is addressing the challenge faced by many urban residents who wish to harness solar energy but lack the necessary space. The service allows its users to subscribe to large community solar plants located across the country. For the power generated from the plant, users get on-bill solar credits. These credits directly contribute to reducing the users’ monthly electricity expenditures, fostering a more sustainable lifestyle.
The intuitive dashboard provided by SundayGrids empowers customers to manage their solar contributions effortlessly through their smartphones as well as pay their power bills. This user-centric approach ensures that the benefits of solar energy are not limited by physical space constraints or property ownership, making it a universally accessible resource.

The process begins with users reserving solar capacity from expansive, off-site installations. Solar power generated is then translated into on-bill energy credits through the SundayGrids system. Subscribers can utilize these credits to decrease their personal electricity costs, promoting sustainable energy consumption in urban spaces where installation of panels may not be feasible. This service aligns with SundayGrids’ mission to make renewable energy widely accessible and is a significant step towards achieving India’s sustainable energy goals.
“Digital Solar is not just a service; it’s a movement towards inclusivity in the clean energy sector,” said Mathew Samuel, Co-founder of SundayGrids. “Our mission is to make solar energy available to everyone, irrespective of their housing situation, and to contribute significantly to India’s sustainable energy goals.”
The initiative by SundayGrids has already garnered attention for its potential to democratize access to clean energy. By providing a practical and affordable solution, SundayGrids is not only facilitating a shift towards renewable resources but is also empowering consumers to take active steps in the fight against climate change.
SundayGrids is at the forefront of the clean energy revolution in India. Founded in 2020 and backed by Zerodha, the company is dedicated to making renewable energy accessible to all. With a focus on innovation and customer experience, SundayGrids is committed to providing sustainable energy solutions that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable. As a leader in the digital solar space, SundayGrids continues to expand its reach, ensuring that clean energy is not a luxury, but a standard for every household in India.
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